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Hi everyone,

There鈥檚 such a lot been happening here with regard to sports stuff, Science Week, trips & visits, as well as the end of term starting to hove into sight. It鈥檚 been really lovely to see all the activities for science week, outdoor learning, PE and everything else. I hope there鈥檚 something about any of these in the blog this week that interests you. There鈥檚 a great atmosphere here

Elsewhere we are close to sending out the end of year reports, so please do look out for those 鈥 and there鈥檚 a letter from me coming about that too. In fact there are a few separate message about the Foundation, attendance, those reports and other things, so please do keep an eye out

Please do also keep an eye out for Eileen鈥檚 Family Liaison blog and the work of our great FoPHS. They鈥檙e great supporters of the school, and their and your support we value very highly. Many of the things we鈥檙e trying to do is to create more close partnerships and working relationships with you, and it鈥檚 great whenever we do 鈥 so thanks for your support wherever it comes from and whenever it arrives

All the very best for a lovely weekend


馃槉 from John & the PHS Team 馃槉


Let鈥檚 hear from our three Super Steering Groups which deliver our Key Drivers through the curriculum 鈥

Communication, Wellbeing and Independence


Becky, our Literacy Lead, is going to get us going! It鈥檚 always good stuff! This week 鈥 more on parent partnerships and the training sessions available!

We hosted another parent training session in school this week, this time on supporting reading at home and at school for parents of students following ELS (our phonics programme). We had lots of discussion about the approaches with use for this group of students, our fully decodable book range and some ideas to engage students who might be reluctant to share books at home.听 As part of this we discussed books that do things a little differently, whether that’s ‘interactive’ books that need the students to physically get involved in some way or books that make the adult reader sound very, very silly – and we got some samples in to share!听

I’m pleased to say that the students (and staff) these books have been shared with this week have thoroughly enjoyed them – and they’re worth looking into if you’re looking for something a little different!

We couldn’t not pass on ‘Tap the Magic Tree’ to Hannah in the Outdoor Learning Area Book Nook – and all 2RC got tapping to see what would happen next!听

This training presentation will be on the website in the next week, but for anyone who may have missed last weeks, there are some introductory parent sessions online now.


From Becky, Literacy Specialist

Personal Development

Another one of the best things about our school! Let鈥檚 hear from Jo and the team about their recent consultation and the This Is Me festival, which shows what we鈥檙e all about. Read about it below! And cheers, Jo!

PD Consultation

We were very overwhelmed with the results from our recent consultation indicating parents are happy and satisfied with our Personal Development offer, and the information communicated on the blog. This continues to be an open conversation and we always welcome your ideas, please do not hesitate in contacting me on j.ferguson@percyhedley.org.uk.

This Is Me Festival

One week to go until our This Is Me Mini Festival!

The following activities will take place on the day:

  • Bollywood Dance Workshop
  • Accessible catwalk (glitter, face paint, hair braiding, dress up props)
  • Giant accessible games
  • Music station including; karaoke, keyboard workshop and music from around the world playlist.
  • Stall where enterprise students have been making merch etc.
  • Tru colours drama workshop.
  • Reading corner with inclusive stories (stories that are already available in library and supporting curriculum).
  • This Is Me march in the afternoon to celebrate the diversity of students in our school.
  • Singing and signing

The event will be raising money for a charity linked to supporting protected characteristics in the local area, which will be voted for by our students. Tickets can be purchased for a small donation (no more than 拢1) and exchanged for a wristband on the day. These are available in school now! Students will also need some spending money for the shopping village.

The 鈥渟hopping village鈥 has been organised by our very own school enterprise groups are planning to provide food, beverages and merchandise for festival-goers to buy. The whole school event will come together at the end of the day for our 鈥淭his Is Me鈥 march and we would like the students to come dressed in whatever makes them feel fabulous (festival gear, fancy dress, PJs, couture). We鈥檙e on the hunt for the following donations if you have any: unused face paint, photo booth props, fashion accessories, glitter and rainbow anything really!

We have a small group of students from George Stephenson coming along again as part of an inclusion project between our schools, they will help plan and run the event.

The day will celebrate individuality within our school culture, provide an opportunity to practice functional organisational and money skills and also to bring the fun experience of a festival to our students. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please contact me on j.ferguson@percyhedley.org.uk, or your class teacher if you feel more comfortable.


Physical Development

And of course everything that is fabulous in the world of Physical Development too! This includes physio, hydro, MOVE, PE, HI, VI, a lot of OT and all sorts of key areas for us, including all of the Outdoor Learning, John Muir Award and many other aspects鈥

Let鈥檚 start by looking at some great stuff from Richard in PE

On Monday 4MM represented the school at the Tyne and Wear Panathalon Xtend Final after previously winning the North Tyneside competition. The team competed against other area finalist schools from Newcastle, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland. Well done to the team for coming away with second place!!! The team had a great time showing teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon. Have a look at their medals, trophies and certificates below

And more from Richard in the form of more cycling! And let鈥檚 see some pictures too!

Cycling proficiency- Some of our KS4 students this week got the opportunity to get some expert advice from a local cycling coach. Students improved their confidence and balance on a bike, they learnt fundamental safety skills and some students took part in different cycling games. Well done for giving this a go!!!


Natalie鈥檚 First Trip of the Week

6LA trip to Ouseburn Farm

This week 6LA went to Ouseburn Farm as part of life skills. The sessions we take part in are focusing on cooking and healthy eating – this week, the students made some bread and butter! The students got involved and listened very carefully to each instruction, making some fabulous bread loaves to take home to enjoy. The students took care to make sure they washed their hands and followed safety rules in the kitchen and worked fabulously as a team to clear up at the end. Well done guys, you were all very responsible and mature!

Great stuff in life skills from the guys

And Natalie鈥檚 Second Trip of the Week 鈥 more on the John Muir Award!

It鈥檚 been a beautiful sunny week and excellent timing for us to get back to our John Muir adventures! This week, the students visited the Gosforth Nature Reserve 鈥 which is a lovely location if you want to have a nice quiet walk. The students found two hides and they enjoyed looking over the lake and bird watching, one student spotted a heron and a fish jumping from the water, and we saw some beautiful dragon flies! Highly recommend a visit here when the weather is nice, it鈥檚 very refreshing.

And here are some fab photos of our afternoon:

Love all the nature reserves there are in the North-East, and that we visit them!


Outdoor Learning with Hannah!

What a time to be doing Outdoor Learning, and what a great subject to do! Let鈥檚 hear from Hannah

It has been an exciting week in the Outdoor Learning/Forest School area, with the delivery and installation of 2 new areas and activities.

The 1st being a lovely little 鈥淏ook Nook鈥, that will give the students opportunities to choose from a range of different texts (both fiction and non-fiction) during their sessions. The Nook will be readily available throughout the sessions and will allow students to further their own learning during Forest School Sessions. Already I have seen students choose to read The Tiger Who Came to Tea and then spend time in the Mud Kitchen making all the wonderful things that could be given to the Tiger that came for his tea! And on another occasion learning about seasonal changes while being fully engaged in the reading Tap the Magic Tree. It was beautiful to see just how excited they all were during and after reading through these books.

The 2nd area is the Music Wall (massive thankyou to the FoPHS who this). The students have already enjoyed interacting with all the different sounds from both tuned and non-tuned instruments, explored making loud and quiet noises as well as all the different sounds that can be make from a range of beaters! It was lovely to see 4AH and 2RC using the wall during their Outdoor Learning and Forest School Sessions this week. Both classes were able to use the wall both independently and with support from staff, and they all got such enjoyment out if it too. I loved seeing (or listening to) just how creative they all could be. One students rendition of 鈥淲e will Rock You鈥 was music to my ears!

Both areas will help to meet one of the 6 principles of Forest School, the Holistic Learning Principles. Where students are encouraged to develop their own learning in a range of different contexts and environments, helping students to develop their physical, social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and spiritual aspects of their development.

Wow! What a great lesson this was! And what a great subject too!

Science Week at 最新麻豆原创 School

Joel has organized a fab Science Week here, full of fun and exciting things, lots of great lessons, and all sorts of topics and activities. Let鈥檚 hear from him!

Recently, our school has been buzzing with enthusiasm, as students participated in the highly anticipated Science Week. Students embarked on a series of activities that broadened their scientific knowledge and sparked curiosity.

A highlight of the week was the visit to the Centre for Life. Students explored interactive exhibits, learning about the wonders of the natural world and the marvels of modern technology. The experience allowed them to engage in hands-on activities, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

Back in the local community, students enthusiastically took part in a bug hunting expedition. Equipped with magnifying glasses and field guides, the young bug hunters identified various insects, noting any features and drawing their habitats raising awareness and appreciation of the world around them. Additionally, the students participated in a sculpture hunt, enhancing their observation skills and encouraging artistic expression. Orienteering sessions were also held, whereby pupils learned to navigate using maps and compasses, thus developing their problem-solving abilities.

Within school, a diverse range of activities were available. Paper m芒ch茅 projects allowed pupils to exercise creativity while learning about materials and structures. Forensics sessions introduced them to the fascinating world of crime scene investigation, revealing the importance of scientific evidence. Maths puzzles provided an enjoyable challenge, enhancing their numeracy skills. Coding sessions offered an engaging introduction to computer science, and shadow drawing activities combined art with a basic understanding of light and shadows.

We had a special visit from a guest who performed magic tricks inspired by scientific principles. This captivating demonstration highlighted how science can be both fun and magical, leaving the students in awe.

On Monday, a group of KS4 and Post-16 pupils visited P+HS architects in Newcastle. Pupils met a range of staff who took them through the process of designing a building from start to finish. Firstly, they looked at 3D walkthrough of a project at the Freeman Hospital, here architects explained they used this technology to help show their clients how the space could be used. Next, pupils heard from a student architect, who explained how and why 3D models are made and used. The third session involved pupils looking at fabric swatches and paint colours to try and plan a colour scheme for a room. Finally, pupils spoke to a senior architect who showed the group how CAD (Computer Aided Design) was used within the design process to sketch designs and experiment with a range of colour schemes.

Cheers Joel, this was terrific!

Science Week concluded with a sense of accomplishment and inspiration among the pupils. The variety of activities ensured that each child found something that sparked their interest and imagination. This week has provided the opportunity for all to deepen their appreciation for science and its relevance to everyday life.

As Science Week draws to a close, we look forward to future opportunities that will continue to nurture a love for learning and discovery in our young students.

More Science! From Joel! About Science Week!

Science! Let鈥檚 talk Science鈥

This week has been a busy week for all of our students as we have had a big focus on Science and other subjects that complement Science such as Mathematics and Engineering.

Throughout the week, students have been able to take part in various activities ranging from Forensics, Maths puzzles, Exploring sound, Investigating and dissecting plants along with some Art activities. Although we have named it Science week, we have incorporated many subjects from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Students have had the opportunity to get out and about in the local community to investigate bugs, insects and animals, take part in a walk that is linked to the historical figure George Stephenson. The students have enjoyed making sculptures and orienteering.

Students of 最新麻豆原创 have had a chance to go visit the Centre for Life and experience their science centre where they have watched a few demonstrations and shows while exploring different areas of the centre like the space zone, brain zone and the WOW zone.

Safeguarding Updates 鈥 this week, Bitesize Training for all staff

Aylisha is our Safeguarding Officer, Rebecca is the DSL, and there is a great team, including Claire, Tracy, Corin, and other colleagues who look at other aspects too. For the blog, they give us weekly updates, which cover a range of topics 鈥 some of them pretty heavy! Here鈥檚 Aylisha!

Online Safety

This week's online safety blog is live and this one is a bit different as it's a survey.

Attendance Matters!

Telling LAs about unauthorised absences from September

Updated Code of Conduct

Here鈥檚 a link to our Code of Conduct, which is also on the website in the Parent and Carers Area - 最新麻豆原创 School鈥. Most schools have these now, so please do have a read 鈥 they aren鈥檛 used very often

Friends of PHS 鈥 the FoPHS!

So excited by all the things that the FoPHSare talking about and planning. A huge thanks to all of them for their time, commitment and support, with projects, ideas and all sorts. They鈥檙e also talking about the Outdoor Learning area 鈥 my favourite part of the school! It could be called the FoPHS Outdoor Learning Zone or anything! Great to have you guys on board, thanks again

Lunch and Lunch Accounts

Just a reminder please if your account is in arrears significantly to please move to reconcile that with us. There are just a couple so thanks for that! The next special meal day is American Independence Day! Think there鈥檚 something else happening that day too!

Exams 鈥 let鈥檚 hear from Kat!

Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Please get in touch with me via the email below and I will be happy to respond to any queries, suggestions about the LPPA and other issues for parents From Tracy and the LPPA team Contact t.smithson@percyhedley.org.uk

Stars of the Week

That reflect our School Values!

Makaton Signs of the Week with Julie!

Julie going for an optimistic vibe this week 鈥 love it! Summer, sun and suncream

Finally鈥t鈥檚 that time again 鈥 our Third Prom!

This is from Rebecca!

Just a reminder that our Upper School Prom is coming up on Friday 12th听July.听 All our students within our Upper School should have received their invite with the details of the evening

Please ensure that you have sent us your reply in to allow for us to arrange with our suppliers for numbers.听 Please also let us know if you plan to stay with your child.听 Any children needing personal care or support with feeding will need to have a carer with them to support with this

RSVPs can come to either听percyhedleyschooladminteam@percyhedley.org.uk, or听your class teacher, or by ringing the school office on 01912161811

鈥..from John & the Team here at PHS


And a reminder of this great news that came from a lot of hard work! Well done, guys!

Our Latest Award 鈥 the PQSM!

Huge congratulations to everyone who has worked on us getting the PSQM Award